Custom Arrangements

I do "custom" 4-part vocal arranging starting at $250, plus a "clearance" fee of $50.  Arrangements (including medleys) over 2.5 mins. duration or arrangements of more than 4 parts would be more.  Email me for a cost estimate.  Please note that the fee for a 4-part arrangement with a duration of more than 2.5 mins. is calculated at $1.66 per second from the base 2.5 minutes (150 second) @ $250.  After the required $150 deposit is paid and the arrangement is completed, I invoice the client for the balance due, once the final duration of the arrangement is determined.  

The "clearance" fee comes from the publisher who owns the copyright to the song I arrange.  Songs in the "Public Domain" or original songs written (or co-written by me) don't have a "clearance" fee, nor "per-copy" fee.   The $250 base fee includes a very professional looking copy of the arrangement notated with "state of the art" Finale software... plus a very professional instrumentally played mp3 "full, balanced mix" demo of exactly how the arrangement should be sung,... even in the case of a ballad arrangement with rubato "interp."

On request, I can also provide part predominant, instrumentally played Learning Trax for $30 for a 4-part, 2.5 min. duration arrangement.  Each additional part (over 4 parts) is a minimum of $7, depending on the length of the arrangement.  All "extras" (extra parts, extra arrmt length, etc.) are always pro-rated, calculated from the base fee.  As with vocal learning trax, the instrumentally played part is all by itself in the left speaker,... with the other parts being played in the right speaker.  These Instrumentally played Trax are quite good... and shouldn't be equated with simple computer generated notation file audio, which rarely gives the listener the correct feel (a "swing" feel, for example) for the arrangement nor any rubato, ritard, or accellerando interpretation. In addition, computer generated sounds are typically less than appealing. The instrumental "sampled, high quality sounds "(recorded from real instruments) I use (acoustic grand piano, other electric piano sounds, sampled strings and sometimes sampled drums on tempo'd arrangements) give a richly textured, pleasantly "listenable" and "musical" sound, with the strings adding the necessary sustain when needed.  Demos of these instrumentally played learning trax are available.  For custom VOCAL learning trax, please see "Custom Learning Trax."

Custom arrangements come with a 1-year exclusive. I don't do arrangements with a "complete exclusive" since, in that case, I'd have to charge what commercial arrangers charge ($600 or $700) for the actual time I put into the arrangement. In the "barbershop world", this, of course, would be prohibitive.

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