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Information Regarding Obtaining My Arrangements

My arrangements are ONLY available in combination with my learning trax... as a "COMBO." The reason for this is some publishers don't allow me to technically charge anything for my arrangements since I don't own the copyright of the song (I've "arranged"). So the only way I can personally receive any money for all my considerable effort of writing the arrangement and recording the vocal learning trax is to only sell my arrangements in combination with my vocal learning trax... as a "COMBO." I therefore charge $100 for my arrmt/trax combo ($0 for my arrmt... and $100 for my vocal learning trax).

There are 2 basic parts to obtaining my arrangements (i.e., purchasing an arrmt/trax "combo")

1. paying my $100 fee (on my website) for writing the arrangement and recording the vocal learning trax. Remember, ordering from the "arrmt/trax COMBO" list automatically gets you a second arrmt/trax combo FREE! (see below*). BTW,... this brings down your cost to only $25 for each arrangement!... and $25 for each song's excellent part-predominent vocal learning trax. That, without question, is a terrific deal!

2. paying the song's "copyright licensing" fees. These fees apply to ALL songs purchased,... including the free combo selection! Song copyright fees vary quite a bit, depending on the music publisher (or agent) who administers the licensing of the copyrighted song. The various "song licensing" fee scenarios are listed below (**). Once you purchase the arrmt/trax combo from my website, I then (via email) provide you with all the detailed "song licensing" info, the process that you need to know, and a brief sample of the arrangement.

*IMPORTANT! Using the "COMBO" list automatically gets you a second arrmt/vocal learning trax combo FREE!  Let me explain. When you use the "COMBO" list (in the green menu) on my website to select your song title, you're prompted to make a second free selection. Then, at the end of the transaction, you're prompted to download the vocal learning trax (for BOTH songs). When I receive your order, I then (via email) promptly give you instructions on who (which publisher, etc.) controls the song copyright for each song, the approximate cost of the song licensing fee, and how to pay the "song licensing" to the music publisher controlling the various song's copyright. I also promptly provide you (via email) with a short "preview" sample of the arrangement. If you wish to have the full-length copy of the arrangement, you must pay the song licensing fees to the publisher. If you feel the arrangement you purchased is beyond your group's capabilities, I'll gladly exchange the trax for another song. NOTE: Music publishers will NOT refund or exchange song licensing fees!

For your convenience, use the Women's (or Men's) Lists of songs... and the "A" thru "E" cost scenarios of the various publishers/agents (listed below) so that you can calculate the song licensing fee for just about any song I've arranged.

Your "song licensing" fees will depend on which song licensing scenario (below) the song falls into. Included are ALL six categories to show you the wide range of licensing costs. BEFORE you make your second FREE Arrmt/Trax Combo choice, you can use the above song lists to help determine your song licensing cost. Below are the various "song licensing" fee scenarios.

A). If the song is handled (licensed) by Sheet Music Plus (SMP), it will be labelled (in green) "HL-YES", (in green) "AM-YES", or (in green) "IndepPub-YES." The cost for quartets is $1.99 (per-each-copy). The cost for choruses is $1.89 (per-each-copy). Following your COMBO purchase from me, I then give you simple instructions on how to pay the song licensing fee and get the sheet music from SMP. This process can be accomplished as soon as you receive the publisher info from me!

B). If the song is handled (licensed) ONLY by Hal Leonard Corp., it will be labeled (in red) "HL-NO"... which means the song must be licensed from Hal Leonard's 3rd party agent TRESONA. In this case, your song licensing fees will be extremely high: quartets $85-$200 (per song!!!); choruses $4 to $8 per-each-copy!!! After your purchase of the arrmt/trax combo from my website, I'll give you detailed info on applying for song licensing from them. You will download the sheet music directly from the Tresona website. This process can take anywhere from 1 to 3 weeks. If this fee is unacceptable, you can always make a different song choice.

C). If the song is labeled (in red) "AM-NO", it's handled (licensed) ONLY by Alfred Music Co. (AM), The quartet cost per song will be $55 (for 4 copies); approx. $2.50 to $3 per-each-copy for choruses. After your purchase of the arrmt/trax combo from my website, I'll give you detailed info on how to pay the licensing to Alfred Music... and get the sheet music directly from me. This process can take from 1 to 3 weeks.

D). If the song is either "SELF-PUBLISHED", in the "PUBLIC DOMAIN", or an "ORIGINAL SONG", it will be labelled in BLUE. The licensing cost for quartets will be $2 (per-each-copy); for choruses, a $1 (per-each-copy). These fees are paid directly to me using my website "MISC" feature,... home page (green menu) to quickly and conveniently pay this fee and immediately get the arrangement (via email) from me.

E). If the song is handled (licensed) by an "INDEPENDENT PUBLISH" not represented by the two main publishers (Hal Leonard Corp. and Alfred Music Co., Inc.), you'll need to do a "google" search for the copyright holder of these songs and try to get an email address or phone number. You can refer to the sheet music sample (I provide after your purchase) for the holder of the copyright. Contact the publisher, asking for song licensing for a "barbershop quartet/chorus to sing their song." Fortunately, there are a very few songs in this category.