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Category: Women's Advanced Arranger's Workshop Book

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Advanced Arranger's Self-Guided Workshop Book
This is an advanced and comprehensive 89 page workshop study for women designed and created by Larry to improve already existing arranger skills. There are many, many workshop examples and studies/exercises for anyone who would like to improve their arranging skills by way of "hands-on" exercises. It's also a study in using old and new arranging "tools" to make your arrangements more interesting as a performer as well as a listener. This workbook is only available in download form. In purchasing this book, you are also eligible to select up to 10 full-length song demos from the "Women's"/"Women's Full Demos" folder. I will email them to you upon receiving your list.... following your purchase of the book. 

Almost all of the written (arrangement) examples are also available in audio form, found either in the FREE (but not downloadable) 1 minute audio demos... or the downloadable $2 full-length audio demos.