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Category: Men's 8-part

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Children Go Where I Send Thee - Men's Arrangement
A lively, upbeat tune originally featuring a soloist and gosple quartet; arranged for choruses only; Chorus leads sing the soloist part. There are mostly 4 parts, with occasional split harmony parts in the Bari and Tenor parts, plus a few very brief solos. This song is in the "Public Domain" so there are no sheet music licensing fees! There are 2 optional percussion parts plus finger snaps throughout the chart,... which I highly recommend using. Choruses singing at a minimum  "B" contest level should be able to successfully learn and perform this challenging arrangement making good use of the available vocal Learning Trax.  To audition this one, listen to the FREE short audio sample online.  To hear the entire arrangement, you may purchase a Full-Length Demo ($2 each song title).  See the "products lists" for men.


Please see the Arrangement/Trax Combo lists or contact me for publisher print (sheet music) licensing info.