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Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better- Women's 8pt (2 quartets) - Arrangement
A "fun" song from the Broadway Musical "Annie Get Your Gun."  It originally pitting one male singer against a female singer, but this arrmt pits two female quartets against each other on stage.  A real "audience pleaser"... with lots of laughs.  This arrmt of the song differs from the original in that the two quartets, in the end, realize their both talented, and TOGETHER, can make things twice the fun with a huge 8-part TAG.  Quartets and choruses singing at a "B-" contest level should be able to successfully learn and perform this arrangement making good use of the available high quality Vocal Learning Trax.   To audition this one, listen to the FREE short audio sample online.  To hear the entire arrangement, you may purchase a Full-Length Demo ($2 each song title).  See the "products lists" for men and women.


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