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Custom Vocal Learning Trax Deposit
Please click on the gold text to place your learning trax deposit.  I am now ONLY recording vocal learning trax for my own custom arrangements.  Uptunes minimum fee is $140 with a $100 deposit required.  Ballads minimum fee is $160 with a $100 deposit required.

Professionally recorded vocal learning trax are recorded by my daughter, Ashley Wright, Lead of 2nd place International "Speed of Sound" quartet).  Alex Stephens, gold medal Tenor with the youthful Westminster Chorus in 2007, is recording the men's learning trax.  If you want to place an order for custom learning trax, and pay the required deposit, please click on the appropriate GOLD text below.

Learning Trax Feature...

1. Vocals digitally recorded: Balanced mix plus part predominant part mixes.
2. Perfect note accuracy (using Melodyne software).
3. All Learning Trax delivered via the internet as mp3 audio files.
4. Fun to listen to - just ask: Masters of Harmony, Rich Tones, Ramapo Valley, Alexandria Harmonizers Houston Horizons, Toast Of Tampa, SPEB's AIC, Coronet Club. Nightlife Quartet......
5. Two to four week turn-around time per song (see NOTE at bottom of the page).

My rates are: $140 for an all-tempo'd, 4-part, 2.5 min. duration song.... and $160 for ballads, again for a 4-part, 2.5 min. duration song.  Songs over 2.5 minutes are pro-rated on a per-second cost calculated from the base rate (either $140... or $160) divided by 150 seconds (2.5 mins).  Regarding more than 4 part arrmts, email me for cost estimate.  If you choose to purchase the $30 (and up) instrumentally played trax (see "custom arrangements"), and decide later to order VOCAL learning trax, your additional cost is only the difference between the normal vocal learning trax fee above and the $30 instrumentally played fee you already paid.

Rhythm Songs: $140... and up (depending on the duration of the arrangement) (Minimum $100 deposit required with order)

Ballads: $160... and up (depending on the duration of the arrangement) (Minimum $100 deposit required)

If you aren't paying using a major credit card, make your checks payable to Larry Wright or Larry Wright Productions.

Mail your check and your order to:

Larry Wright Productions
8235 Frontier Lane
Brentwood, TN 37027
(615) 371-1700

Other Services...
Custom "Instrumental Accompaniment Trax" for your arrangements - $100 and up (many short demos available)

NOTE: The turn-around time mentioned above is occasionally not available because of heavy influxes of work. Please ask for the current turn-around time. The minimum $140 fee and the 2 - 4 week turn-around time is based upon a simple rhythm song (no rubato phrasing), no more than 2.5 minutes in length clearly written or printed with no note or lyric mistakes to correct, or special interp. required. Time spent to make corrections or to make the song legible for me to read will be charged at $25 per hour. Recording special interp. (provided by client as an mp3 audio file sent to me via the internet) is available for an additional $25 for a 2.5 minute song.  Email or phone price quotes are only approximate.  A final price is determined only when the project is complete and the duration of the song is then known.