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Here’s the details for the "Buy one combo, get one FREE" offer: 

  1. When you use the "Buy one combo, get one FREE" Men's or Women's lists, you automatically get to select a second arrmt/trax combo and receive it absolutely FREE!
  2. This offer pertains ONLY to Larry Wright arrmts / learning trax combinations (combos).
  3. Be prepared to select your second (FREE) arrangement/learning trax combo when purchasing a combo.  All items must be ordered at the same time.

  4. The Larry Wright arrangement/learning trax combo you want FREE should be of equal or lessor value than the arrmt/learning trax combo you’re paying for. As the checkout page states, your credit card will be charged for the higher priced combo (unless you select a different combo of equal or less value). Select your FREE combo using the "Men's (or “Women’s) Arrmt/Learning Trax Combo” lists.
  5. There is no limit to the number of “Buy one combo, get one FREE” you can order at one time.  For example, you can.... buy 2 combos, and get 2 combos free; or... buy 3 combos, and get 3 combos free, etc.
  6. On the checkout page, you will automatically be informed if you qualify for the "Buy one combo, get one FREE" offer.
  7. On the downloads page, you will NOT be able to download any arrangements. You'll be directed to contact me for licensing information.

Please contact me at with any questions.