Per Copy Fees and Mechanical Licensing Fees


"No recording, public performance for profit, or any other use requiring authorization, or reproduction or sale of copies in any form shall be made of or from the arrangement unless licensed by the copyright owners or an agent or organization acting on behalf of the copyright owners."

that appears on the last page of most of my arrangements does not prohibit you from performing the arrangement,....even for profit.  What it actually says is:

  • This arrangement needs to be licensed by the publisher who controls the rights to the song which I have arranged.  In the past, I've taken care of paying all initial licensing fees for my arrangements.  However, as of January, 2000, I'm requiring clients who have asked me to write a "custom" arrangement to pay 50%... or $50 toward the initial $100 licensing fee.
  • It also means that a "per-copy" fee (license) needs to be paid to the publisher by all groups (or persons) who perform these arrangements.  Payment of the "per-copy" fees, in effect, gives the purchaser 'license' to use the arrangement legally.  "Per-copy" fees can vary from song to song, but most are $1.25 to $1.33 per copy. Some arrangements have a "FLAT FEE" license rather than the normal "PER COPY" license.

Since per-copy fees are fees levied by the publisher owning (or administering) the copyright to the song I've arranged, these fees must not be paid through my website store. They are not MY fees. R.C. Music <> handles the collection and forwarding of all "per-copy" or "flat fee" fees to the respective publishers.

REGARDING MECHANICAL LICENSING FEES:  These fees are in regard to my vocal learning trax audio files.  I send customers one single copy of the learning trax (for the song) which they purchase.  The customer then must generate as many audio copies as they need for their quartet or chorus. Mechanical licensing fees must be paid for EACH AUDIO COPY THAT YOU (AS A CUSTOMER) GENERATE.  The current mechanical licensing rate is approx. $ .10 per copy.  These fees must be paid by the customer through the Harry Fox Agency in New York.  Although these fees may seem quite small and insignificant, please be LEGAL and pay these fees!