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Vocal Warmup Trax

I’ve put together 2 different “Vocal Warmup” trax with all exercises professionally notated with state-of-the-art Finale’ notation software.

10 Vocal Warmup Exercises-17 min. (includes 8.5 x 11 music printout)
20 Vocal Warmup Exercises-25 min  (includes 8.5 x 11 music printout)
Both the 10 & 20 with a discount (includes 8.5 x 11 music printout)

Both groups (10 and 20) consist of proven and widely used exercises designed not only to gradually warm up the voice, but also to focus on interval training, vocal production and vowel sounds, harmony accuracy, legato singing, and the soft palate.

All of the exercises are played with perfect precision on a concert grand piano with drum click countoffs. They segue smoothly and rapidly together (with no lag time), with voice-overs that number each exercise, describe it, and count it off. At key points in each exercise, voice-overs also give helpful instructions (e.g. “Basses drop an octave”, “relax the lips between each repetition”, “start down”, “one more and hold”, etc).

Upon purchasing either group of warmup exercises, you will receive these as mp3 audio files via the internet.  You are authorized to make copies for your group (chorus or quartet).  Chorus (or quartet) members are free to make additional copies for their own, personal use at home, in the car, etc.  This does not authorized any member of the group to make copies for members of other groups.  Quartets with ALL 4 members within a chorus CAN use the exercises.  Also included is an 8.5 x 11 inch notation of the exercise (for use by a "live" piano accompanist).

You may use these exercises in 3 different ways.

  1. Have a pianist play the exercises “live.”
  2. Burn a CD, playing it through a boombox or PA system and singing along.
  3. Sing the exercises completely a cappella.

As with my learning trax, I offer a FREE, short demo of these Vocal Warmup Exercises. This gives you the opportunity to audition either (or both) trax prior to purchase.

I ask that you please respect the great deal of time and effort that went into making these warmup tapes. Please don’t give (or make copies) or loan these tapes or printed exercises to other choruses or quartets outside of your own chorus. Thank you.

* As it states on the printed exercise sheet, be very careful about warming your voice up as you drive your car. The road and wind noise can make you consciously or subconsciously sing louder that you should. You could end up with a “tired and fatigued voice” at the end of your journey. Also, the sitting position (as you drive your car) is not the best position to be in as you warm up the voice.