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Ain't Misbehavin' - Men's Arrangement
An old "swing feel" standard, with easy parts.  FUN TO SING!  All tempo'd,... with a new, fresh twist for the second go-'round of the bridge and last chorus.  Nice, soft  tag.  There are 2 versions included with this download: one a cappella version and one with an instrumental accompaniment behind the vocals.  Both vocal arrmts are exactly the same, so you could learn the a cappella version and later purchase the instrumental accompaniment track and have great fun performing it with a backing track.  For info on "performing with backing tracks", see the website home page upper-horizontal (green) menu "performing with accompaniment tracks."  Quartets and choruses singing at a "B-" contest level should be able to successfully learn and perform this arrangement making good use of the available high quality Vocal Learning Trax.  To audition this one, listen to the FREE short audio sample online.  To hear the entire arrangement, you may purchase a Full-Length Demo ($2).  Find these demos on the "products lists" for men and women.


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