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Other Arrangers

I've recorded humdreds of vocal learning trax for over 100 different arrangers work.  When purchasing learning trax from me of an arrangement done by someone else, you'll need to contact the arranger of that song to obtain a legal copy of the music.  For your convenience, the list below contains almost all of the arrangers names and their email addfresses.  Since arrangers occasionally change their email address, I can't guarantee that all email addresses are current.  

Name Contact
Alsbury, Sylvia
Anderson, Doug
6308 Friends Ave Apt A, Whittier, CA 90601-464
Anderson, Norma
Arberg, Bud
contact B.H.S.
Arns, Jim
Backwell, Greg
no info, contact
Bailey, Marge
Baird, Jack
deceased.. 2nd email:
Baker, Al
Barbershop Harmony Society, SPEBSQSA
Beck, Brian
Beers, Peter
Behrendt, Bill
Bergman, Nancy
Bescos, Joni
Bloebaum, Frank
no info, contact Larry@LarryWrightMusic. com
Briner, Dave
Bromert, Kay
or try:
Brown, Fraser
Buntaine, Ray
106 Palmwood Cherry Hill, NJ 08003 856-795-0141
Calvin, Dot
Campbell, Rob
Clancy, Jim
Coffman, Mary K.
Cokercroft, Gene
Connelly, Debbie
Craig, Renee
Dale, June
Delehanty, Steve
Diamond, Lynnell
or try:
Dresser, Paul
no info, contact
Driscoll, Denny
Erickson, Lloyd
Fellows, Avis
Gellert, Michael
Gentil, Tom
Gentry, Tom
Gerheim, C.C.
no info, contact
Giallombardo, Jay
Gordy-Kirkpatrick, Bitsy
Graham, Brent
Gray, Don
Grundy, S.K.
Haeger, Buzz, Warren ("Buzz") or Larry Wright
Hagerman, Ase
Hale, Mark
Harrington, David
Hatton, Allen
Healey, Carolyn
Hicks, Val
vhmusic@INFOWEST.COM or Larry Wright
Hine, Clay
Hopkins, Rob
Jamison, Steve
Johnson, Marie
Keller, Kevin
Keys, Roy
no info, contact
Kimball, Curt
King, Fred or Larry Wright
Kitzmiller, Scott
Knight, Mel
Larry Wright, Toast Of Tampa
Latzko, Walter or Larry Wright
LeVezu, Pat
Lewellen, Richard
Liles, Joe
Lippincott, Tedda
Lund, Jo
or try:
Lyne, Greg
Massey, Jim
McNeill, Barbara
or try:
Miller, Doug
Minihane, Ann
Minshall, Joey
Mitchell, Bill
Moon, Earl
deceased... or
Nightingale, A.
no info, contact
Oiler, Mary Ann
no info, contact
Olguin, Paul
Oliver, Betty
no info, contact
Papageorge, Nick
Parker, Anna Marie
Pernert, Chari
Perry, Lou
deceased... or
Phoenicians, J.E.
Pilcher, Lyle
Procter, Karen
Rector, Morris ("Mo") or Larry Wright
Reeves, Don
Rhea, Ruby
Rochefort, Lorraine
Rupay, Pete
Schmidt, Carolyn
Sellers, Bev
Senter, Mike
deceased... or
Shaiman, Mark
no info, contact
Shannon, Terry
no info, contact
Speta, Jarmela ("Jarm")
or try:
Stauffer, Bill
Steen, Archie
Steinkamp, LLoyd
deceased... or
Szabo, Burt
Uhr, Vicki
or try:
Vitkovsky, Sharon
Volk, Greg
Waesche, Ed
deceased... or
Wallace, David
Wright, David
Wright, Larry
Wydra, Mary Ann
Yazurlo, Charlene