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Extra Length Fees

Calculating "learning trax arrangement length" charges

My minimum vocal learning trax rate is $140.  That is for Vocal Learning Trax of an arrangement "in tempo" (no rubato) from beginning to end.  It is also for an arrangement no more than 2.5 minutes long.  My minimum rate for ballads is $160, and is also based upon an arrangement not more than 2.5 minutes in length.  Learning Trax for arrangements that exceed that length are extra.  The extra length fee is calculated by using a simple "pro-rating" system, i.e., determining the per-second cost for a 2.5 min. arrangement, and then determining the additional time (in seconds) and multiplying that times the per-second rate.

To be consistent and fair with my clients, I'm now using the following formulas to arrive at the "extra length cost".

TEMPO SONGS - $140 minimum rate divided by 2.5 minute song (150 seconds) = $.93 (client's cost per second). $.93 x number of seconds over 150 = EXTRA LENGTH COST

RUBATO SONGS - $160 minimum rate divided by 2.5 minute song (150 seconds) = $1.07 (client's cost per second). $1.07 x number of seconds over 150 = EXTRA LENGTH COST.

A Change In Computing "Medley" charges

Because medleys vary substantially in length, I've discontinued a "blanket" fee for medleys, and now am computing the charge for medleys based upon the formulas above. For example, if your tempo'd (only) 4-part medley is only 2.5 mins. long, your cost is now only $140. This is a further attempt to be more consistent and fair with my clients. Tempo changes generally incur a small additional charge as does any "rubato" phrasing since that adds considerably to my time in putting your learning trax together. Fees for "medleys" consisting of ballads are now computed based upon the RUBATO SONGS formula above.

Please remember; having your arrangements well written (few or no mistakes) and legible helps keep your learning tape costs down.

If your arrangement is notated and you can export the midi data of the 4 individual parts and attach it to an email, I would greatly appreciate you sending that to me. I'm generally able to import this midi data into my LOGIC sequencing software. This could substantially shorten the turn-around time in getting your Learning Trax to you.  Please realize I'm not asking for a midi generated audio recording, JUST THE MIDI DATA.  I know that Finale can easily export midi data, but I'm not sure about other software applications.