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Self-Published Song List
[lower licensing cost for you!!]

Regarding the current sheet music high licensing costs, submission hassles, and long "wait times" to receive sheet music,... there may be a light at the end of the tunnel, with the two major publishers (Hal Leonard and Alfred Music) who handle the vast majority sheet music licensing.  They're allowing me to, what they call, "self-publish" some of my arrangements per year, each year allowing an additional maybe 10 to 15 more arrangements. They have to approve of my selections... and some they will just not allow. The good thing for my customers is I pre-pay the licensing fee for each song, after which I'm able to distribute a limited number of copies of those arrangements for a MUCH lower licensing cost to my customers,... with no contract needed,... and I'll also be able to distribute the music very quickly to you. These arrangements are ONLY available (from me personally) AFTER you purchase the "Arrangement/Trax Combo" ($100) for the song you want. Currently, this "self-published" licensing savings is only available for my USA and Canada customers. If you're an international customer, and interested in this licensing savings, let me know. If I see that there's enough interest, I will investigate the additional cost of me pre-paying for international licensing (as well) for any of the songs on my list (below). 


My "self-published" arrangements list now includes the following 11 arrangements (below). I'll be slowly, as Hal Leonard allows, adding new titles to the list. Watch for any titles that may interest you.... and listen to the FREE audio samples on my site. Ask me about cost details.


  1. You’re My Best Friend (Queen)
  2. Sway (Michael Buble')
  3. Next Time I Love (highest scoring SAI International Contest ballad ever)
  4. Little Man You’ve Had A Busy Day (sung by Intern. champs North Metro Chorus)
  5. Survivor (Glee's recent TV show hit)
  6. He Touched Me (Barbra Streisand... sung by 2016 Queens "Speed Of Sound")
  7. Everything (Michael Buble')
  8. I Heard It Through The Grapevine (1966 monster hit by Marvin Gaye)
  9. I Feel The Earth Move (Carol King huge hit in the 70's)
  10. How Deep Is Your Love (Bee-Gees hit)
  11. Best Day Of My Life ("American Authors" 2016 "pop" hit)