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Jingle jangle jingle (I've got spurs that...) - Men's Arrangements
If you've got a "cowboy" theme for your annual show,... just want to have a "cowboy" song in your "rep", check this one out.  It has a mildly amusing (entertaining) lyric... and is fairly ease to sing.  Arranged especially for "Shameless" Quartet.  Quartets and choruses singing at a "C+" contest level should be able to successfully learn and perform this arrangement making good use of the available high quality Vocal Learning Trax. ($60). To audition this one, listen to the FREE short audio sample online.  To hear the entire arrangement, you may purchase a Full-Length Demo ($2 each song title).  Find these demos on the "products lists" for men and women.  Purchase the Arrmt/ LrgTrax Combo and get a second combo (of equal value) FREE!!  See the website’s home page for details.