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I specialize in composing/arranging music in the barbershop style, but also composing/arranging SATB sacred/secular music, composing and recording instrumental accompaniment tracks, as well as composing up to full orchestrations in a variety of music styles. I also offer extensive libraries of excellent vocal "learning trax" that go with most of my vocal arrangements. There are libraries of these "learning trax" for both men and women which I've recorded in my professional home recording studio over the past 30 years.

QUARTETS: Record a CD album or 3-song "promo" demo

that RIVALS any Gold Medalist

Our in-home "pro" studio in Nashville with our one-of-a kind "Quad Isolation Booths" enable us to take your 4 vocal tracks (parts) and "tune", sync, and mix them into a product that you wouldn't think was possible  

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This site is not authorized to immediately distribute arrangements (sheet music).

Publishers such as Hal Leonard Corp., Alfred Music Co., Inc., and Music Sales Pty Ltd. and their agents like Sheet Music Plus and Tresona control the distribution of most songs we sing and charge a "song licensing" fee to anyone wishing to sing a copyrighted song. Click here for more details

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