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I specialize in composing and arranging music in the barbershop style and SATB secular and sacred choral styles, and also offer extensive libraries of vocal "learning trax".  There are libraries for both men and women which I've recorded in my professional home recording studio over the past 30 years.

Want to record a first-class CD with up to 12 songs.... in one weekend?!! Come to our studio in Nashville, TN and see how our unique quad isolation booths can expedite the recording process.

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Dear Customers:

I must remind you that this site is not authorized to immediately distribute arrangements (sheet music). This has been the case for many, many years. Publishers such as Hal Leonard Corp., Alfred Music Co., Inc., and Music Sales Pty Ltd. and their agents like Sheet Music Plus and Tresona control the distribution of most songs we sing and charge a "song licensing" fee to anyone wishing to sing a copyrighted song. The fees vary greatly with Sheet Music Plus being the least expensive by far @ $1.89/$1.99 per-each-copy (quartet or chorus),... and Alfred Music and Music Sales charging approx. $55 (per song/per quartet)... and $3 to $4 per-each-copy for choruses. Hal Leonard's agent Tresona charges extremely high fees @ $85 to $185+ (per song/per quartet)... and $5 to $10+ per-each-copy for choruses.  When you make a purchase from my site, you will notice that arrangements are not available and that you need to email me directly (larry@larrywrightmusic.com) to obtain the necessary information enabling you, the user, to apply to the above publishers (or their agents) for "song licensing." Only when this licensing is in place am I then authorized to distribute the sheet music to you. The last page of your online order will give you additional information regarding applying for proper song licensing.


To use the search engine, choose a category from the drop-down below and click start. You will then be able to enter keywords to help narrow down the results. NOTE: In searching using keywords, some song titles that have too many common words will not be found without typing in some other very descriptive word.   For example, to find the arrangement of "Sing", you'd need to type in "sing pentatonix"; for "Let It Go", type in "let it go frozen"; for "For Good", type in "for good wicked." You can also use the (green) Categories Menu in the upper-left corner of this home page. Please note that top level categories may take 3 or 4 seconds to load due to the large amount of products in them.

Alex Stephens
recording men's learning trax

14-arrangements  $100!!! (plus shipping... see below)

Available to USA and Canada Customers Only

A FULLY LICENCED, 96 page, 14-arrangements, beautiful spiral-bound, 4-color book collection of well-known contemporary pop "love" songs for both men/women quartets/choruses - $100 (Canada residents please add $15 shipping). These are abbreviated (2 minute or less) arrangements...perfect for use any time of year when a short rendition of a song is desired... or perfect for "Singing Valentines." Superb, vocal learning trax also available ($60 ea. with the "2 for 1" always active). The complete book/trax combination also at a phenomenal price.

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Click here to listen to the MEN'S free short MP3 demo of all 14 songs  

Click here to listen to the WOMEN'S free short MP3 demo of all 14 songs

Ashley Wright
recording women's learning trax