The fees vary greatly with Sheet Music Plus (who handles about 93% of my arrangements) being the least expensive by far @ $1.89 per-each-copy for choruses... and $1.99 per-each-copy for quartets. Alfred Music and Music Sales charging approx. $55 (per song/per quartet)... and $3 to $4 per-each-copy for choruses. Hal Leonard's USA, Canada, and Japan agent "Tresona" charges extremely high fees @ $85 to $185+ (per song/per quartet)... and $5 to $10+ per-each-copy for choruses. When you make a purchase from my site, you will be informed in the "checkout" process that arrangements are not directly available. I will (generally within one day) email you with detailed information regarding which publisher or agent controls the song(s) you purchased and what you need to do to receive the sheet music. Only when this song licensing has been paid are you:

1. Either able to download (receive) the sheet music directly from the agent (e.g., Sheet Music Plus).... or

2. In some instances, receive an authorized copy directly from me.