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Category: Testimonials

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Nancy Ueland: Director, "Bella Acappella Harmony" Chorus

  • "I purchased your "Love Is In The Air" book as a gift to my chorus, Bella Acappella Harmony. The selection of music you’ve included in the book is outstanding. Have you thought about doing more packages? Bella loves your arrangements."
Ashley Wright: Lead, 2016 International Quartet Champion – “Speed of Sound” Quartet

  • “Wow! This Valentine (Love Songs) Book is amazing! I'm so happy these arrangements are also available for Sweet Adelines. As a fellow Valentine's Day quartet volunteer, I know quartets and choruses will greatly benefit from these simple, fun, and *fresh* arrangements.”
Adam Scott: Music Licensing, BHS Headquarters

  • “Larry’s arranging style is so intuitive. Vocal lines go where they’re supposed to in a natural way, yet the lines themselves combine into four-part harmony that is magical. Larry simply arranges the songs you want to sing."
Sean Devine: Lead, 2008 International Quartet Champion – “O.C. Times” Quartet; Lead, Current International Quartet Medalist – “Throwback” Quartet; Certified Presentation Category Judge, BHS; Director, "Parkside Harmony" Chorus

  • “So thankful this collection is finally available! I love the song selection and I love the style. One of my very favorite arrangers and lead singers, Larry has given us singable (and listenable!) songs that are not only perfect for Singing Valentines, but for any occasion! Add these tunes to your ensemble’s repertoire and be ready at a moment’s notice to provide these ‘short and sweet’ familiar tunes – perfect for any audience.”
Brian Beck: Two-time quartet gold medalist and highly respected, longtime arranger for Rich Tones Chorus, and a myriad of other groups over the past 45 years

  • “These 14 love songs are songs that everyone knows, that everyone will want to hear sung to them. Way better than the old chestnuts that people have had to use. I love to just listen to these learning tracks. These songs and charts should raise the Valentine’s Day singing in quantity and quality...really great choices and charts. Good luck with this project – a GREAT idea and great job, Larry!"
Richard Lewellen: Certified Singing Category Judge, BHS; well-known chorus director and coach; Baritone, International Quartet Medalist – “Riptide” Quartet

  • “As much as we all love ‘Heart of My Heart’ and ‘Let Me Call You Sweetheart’, this book of songs is a breath of fresh air, bringing short, simple arrangements of songs that everyone will recognize to our audiences. Great for Valentines or any time of the year, quartets and choruses alike should enjoy adding these songs to their repertoires.”
Todd Wilson: Tenor, 1990 International Quartet Champion – “Acoustix” Quartet; Director, “Nashville Singers”

  • “A cappella singers across the world are smiling right now. Why? Larry Wright has arranged a fresh and very satisfying collection of romantic love songs that can be presented for anniversary or Valentine’s Day performances, or on the concert stage. Part-predominant media is also available to expedite the learning process. Order now. Your audiences will thank you!”