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Fascinatin' Rhythm/Steppin' Out With My Baby-4pt m/w Mixed Voxs- Learning Trax
An upbeat, jazzy arrangement for 4-part, "mixed" (male/female) voices: modern harmonies, and features the Bass singer.  Mixed quartets that sing at a fairly high level should be able to successfully learn and perform this arrmt using the available instrumentally played Learning Trax.  To audition this one, listen to the FREE short audio sample online.  To hear the entire arrangement, you may purchase a Full-Length Demo ($2 each song title).  Find these demos on the "products lists" for men and women.  Purchase the Arrmt/ LrgTrax Combo and get a second combo (of equal value) FREE!!  See the website’s home page for details.  NOTE: If you absolutely have to have VOCAL learning trax, contact me and I'll most likely be able to record them in a week or two.