Turn Around Times

The turn-around time for custom projects is 2 to 4 weeks from the time I accept your project. This "custom" project turn-around time of 2 to 4 weeks is occasionally not available because of heavy influxes of work. If you need your custom trax (or arrangements) in 4 weeks or less, call me for the current turn-around time.

The minimum $140 fee for vocal learning trax and the 2 to 4 week turn-around time is generally based upon a simple rhythm song (no rubato phrasing), no more than 2.5 minutes in length, clearly written or printed, with no note or lyric mistakes to correct, or special "interp" required.  Correcting music takes more time, and you may be charged for me "fixing things."

I will provide my own rubato interpretation of a ballad if not provided by the client.  You can send special "interp" via email (mp3), however I actually prefer doing my own interpretive plan.

Phone or email quotes are only approximate until I review your music.