Per Copy Fees

The statement (at the bottom of this page in bold type) that appears on the last page of all of my arrangements does not prohibit you from performing the arrangement,....even for profit.  What it actually says is:

  • This arrangement needs to be "cleared" (authorized) by the publisher who controls the rights to the song which I have arranged.  I take care of paying all "clearance" fees for arrangements I've already arranged.  However, as of January, 2000, I'm requiring clients who commission me to write "custom" arrangements for them to pay the "clearance" fee.
  • It also means that a "per-copy" fee needs to be paid to the publisher by all groups (or persons) who perform an arrangement of mine.  Payment of the "per-copy" fees, in effect, gives the purchaser 'license' to use the arrangement legally.  "Per-copy" fees can vary from song to song, but most are $1.25 per copy.  These per-copy fees only need to be paid prior to the arrangement being sung (performed) in public.  If a purchased arrangement is not learned and placed in a group's active repertoire,... and will not be performed in public, the per-copy fees do not need to be paid to the publisher.  


R.C. Music now handles all my per-copy transactions.  Since per-copy fees are fees levied by the publisher owning the copyright to the song I've arranged, these fees can not be paid through my website store.  They are not MY fees.  When you purchase an arrangement from me, I provide you (on the downloads page) with a form (that accompanies the arrangement) which describes how to pay the per-copy fees through R.C. Music.  The publishers require arrangers to include the following statement on each arrangement:

"No recording, public performance for profit, or any other use requiring authorization, or reproduction or sale of copies in any form shall be made of or from the arrangement unless licensed by the copyright owners or an agent or organization acting on behalf of the copyright owners."