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Over the years, I have had many well know groups that have done some of my arrangements and used my Learning Trax. Here is a list of some of them.

  1. Rich Tones Chorus - 5-time Intern. chorus winners S.A.I.- (LgTx, arrmts, accomp trax, and full orchestra score)
  2. Masters Of Harmony Chorus- 3-time BHS Intern. Chorus Champs (LgTx & arrmts)
  3. Coronet Club (S.A.I.) (LgTx & arrmts)
  4. Houston Horizons Chorus - many time S.A.I. chorus medalists (LgTx & arrmts)
  5. Revival Quartet - BHS International Champs (Lrng Trax, custom arrmts, and accomp trax)
  6. Blue Grass Student Union Quartet - BHS International Champs (LgTx & custom arrmts)
  7. Ramapo Valley Chorus - 3-time Intern. chorus winners (S.A.I.) (LgTx & arrmts)
  8. Keepsake Quartet - BHS Champs (arrmts)
  9. Rumors Quartet- Queens (LgTx & arrmts)
  10. Melodeers Chorus- Intern. chorus winners (S.A.I. ) (LgTx & arrmts)
  11. San Diego Chorus - Intern. chorus winners (S.A.I.) (custom arrmts)
  12. The Thoroughbred Chorus - BHS Intern. Chorus Champs (LgTx & custom arrmts)
  13. The Phoenicians Chorus - BHS Intern. Chorus Champs (LgTx & arrmts)
  14. High Society Quartet - Queens (arrmts)
  15. Panache Quartet - Queens (LgTx & arrmts)
  16. Dapper Dans Of Disneyland (arrmts)
  17. Alexandria Harmonizers Chorus - BHS Intern. Chorus Champs (LgTx)
  18. Assoc. of International Champions - BHS (LgTx)
  19. Swing Street Quartet- Queens (LgTx & custom arrmts)
  20. Scottsdale Chorus - Intern. chorus winners (S.A.I.) (arrmts)
  21. Choral-Airies Chorus - Intern. chorus winners - S.A.I. (LgTx & arrmts)
  22. Toast Of Tampa Chorus - Intern. chorus winners - S.A.I. (LgTx & arrmts)
  23. Night Life Quartet - BHS Champs (LgTx & arrmts)
  24. Derby City Chorus - Harmony Inc. 2-time chorus winners (LgTx & custom arrmts)
  25. Metropolis Quartet - BHS Medalists (arrmts)
  26. Gashouse Gang Quartet - BHS Champs (arrmts)
  27. 4-Star Collection Quartet - Queens (arrmts)
  28. Fanatix Quartet - Queens (arrmts)
  29. Moxie Ladies Quartet - Queens (custom arrmts)
  30. Zing Quartet - Queens (custom arrmts)
  31. Spotlight Quartet - Queens (custom arrmts and LgTx)
  32. Gotcha Quartet - BHS Champs (arrmts)